Power Auras and the Fun that is Eclipse

So I was running around on my baby druid tonight, installing addons and whatnot since I seem to have fallen into the trap of always coming as a healer, and saw something special.

Power Auras.

Now, if you haven’t used this addon before, I highly reccomend you give it a shot. It is an amazing tool for tracking your spells, procs, cooldowns and debuffs. It does this by giving a visual warning on your screen that you can tailor to look however you want, and activate whenever you want.

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Here you can see how to set up a simple Nature’s Grace warning that will create the image of a green leaf below your character when you gain the buff. While this is admittedly not the most useful application for this mod, there are plenty of uses. Go crazy! Play around with it a bit and you’ll be surprised what you can create.
Finally, and the main purpose I got around to writing this article, is Eclipse. While Power Auras works amazingly with any number of buffs, Eclipse trips it up. This is because, although there are two different eclipse buffs (the solar and lunar portions) they both share the same name, meaning that you can’t create separate entries for each half of the buff. A little research I did turned up that each half of the buff has its own ID, but the area it was recommended to enter this ID in is actually used for the ID of other Power Auras events you can set up, so you can chain them together.
After much stumbling around, I found the answer.
Create a new event, but don’t worry about any graphical settings yet. Go down to the name box and enter Eclipse, and near that, check the little box that says “Use Own Texture,” and that’s all there is to it. Next time Eclipse procs, you will get a big, blue or orange moon giving you the heads up. Do note that you won’t be able to change the look of the warning till you get an Eclipse proc, so it might be best to go and smack a training dummy to sort thing out.
Have fun with your new shiny moon!